• By ordering and completing the checkout procedure on this website you agree to purchase the chosen product for the price as shown on this website including an additional price for packaging & shipping and transaction fees
  • Book prices are established according to the Dutch Law on Fixed prices for books (Wet op de vaste boekenprijs, BWBR0017452, Dutch text only) and may not be altered by the seller
  • Additional payment for packaging & shipping is required and may include a Merchant Fee for PayPal transactions
  • After your payment is received your purchased item will be ordered immediately after a 24 hours waiting period and sent to the address you have entered at checkout
  • You can cancel your order within 24 hours and as soon as possible after completing purchase at this website
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  • Delivery may be taking a few days up to a week
  • Books delivered may slightly differ from images on this website
  • Purchased items cannot be returned

Cards & Posters

  • It is not possible to cancel orders as cards & posters are ordered from the printer directly after you placed your order on this website
  • Delivery may be taking a few days up to 8 working days
  • Purchased items cannot be returned


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